Corporate Setup, Public Relations, Public Policy, Strategy, Media, Branding, Government Relations, Networking, Introductions


    Physical Security, Security Audits, Compliance Advice, Risk Advice, Threat Matrix Assessment, Legal Support


    Geopolitical Analysis, Due Diligence, Background Checks, Market Studies, Data Mining, Multilingual Media Analysis

  • Complex Systems Modeling

    We bring big data together with AI and human expertise

    Design & Implementation

    Independent blockchains, payment systems, smart cities

  • Leadership

    Ms Thérèse Tayah

    Chief Executive Officer

    Dr Norman Ricklefs


    Mr Raphael Veit

    Managing Director

    Mr Hadi Fathallah

    Director Public Policy

    Mr Fadlo Tayah

    Director Physical Security

    Mr Arezki Daoud

    Director Technology

  • Advisory Board

    Mr Philip Frayne

    Mrs Cynthia Friedman

    Col (ret) Todd Harmer

    Ambassador Patricia Haslach

    Professor James Regens

    Ambassador Robert Tyson

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    - One World Trade Center, NYC
    - Emirates Towers, Dubai